Why Join Sharjah Aviation Services

We believe that our staff is the most important asset of SAS. We aim to provide our people with challenging, meaningful and long term careers where we want each person to believe they can make a difference,  no matter how small or large it is.

There are many reasons why you should join us, and these all link to our values as an organisation. People are what make our business such a great place to work, and if you fit the values that align with working in our organisation, then we know you will enjoy being part of our future success and growth plans. 

Culture and Diversity with SAS

Our employee diversity of over 40 nationalities is our strength as an organisation. Talent and talent recognition is not nationality exclusive, and our diversity of nationalities, cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds enriches our workforce by bringing new ideas, innovation and thinking styles that lead to business success. Our employee diversity also complements Sharjah’s multicultural population and its drive to all access to this business as a rewarding and meaningful career.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty, commitment, innovative, flexibility – all of these help this organisation

Careers – Recruitment

We are constantly seeking people with skills, knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Ramp – Cargo – Passenger Services

To join the team, please send your CV to (Only applications received via this E-Mail will be processed)

Employee Testimonials

Betty Matthew

Controller, Passenger Services
“I am happy and thankful that SAS has given me a great opportunity to start my career with them as a Passenger Service Agent in 2007 as the first batch, in spite of not having any prior experience in aviation. I have met lots of people and learnt many new things. I have also been inspired by the management by promoting me to the high positions in the organization. It enables me to reach my goals while building my confidence every day. SAS is built with a strong team of supportive, highly motivated and goal oriented management. As a Customer Service Controller there are different situations and challenges to manage, but this is what attracts me to my job and keeps me going in the company. Last but not the least, SAS is a place I can call home, a place where people are seen as true assets and where one’s potential and capabilities are nurtured and developed.”
Exande Bacolod
Team Leader, Passenger Services
“I enjoy working at Sharjah Aviation Services because of career growth, career opportunities and good experience ! “
Robinson Mathew
Team Leader, Lost & Found
“I love working here because SAS recognized my previous knowledge and experience, opened the doors for me and gave me the opportunity to grow further into a Team Leader in Baggage Services. I am very grateful to the company for all the recognition and opportunities given to me and I am looking forward to learn and grow to higher levels within the company as learning never ends. SAS leaders (I feel SAS managers are leaders) who are approachable, give freedom to staff and consider the ideas suggested by staff. They lead the way and enable the staff to come out of their comfort zone and grow to another level and beat their own competency in terms of performance and capability. I am proud to be a part of this team!”
Sudiksha Kriplani
Passenger Services Agent
“I joined SAS because it has been my childhood dream to work in aviation and I had to fullfill my dream at any cost. SAS is a ground handling company that is providing a good training and giving great opportunities to new comers, all of which helps building confidence. And yes, I love to meet new people, gain more experience and earn more money so it is a great opportunity for me to work for this organisation that has a healthy work atmosphere. I am thankful to my colleagues and seniors for their support. “
Mohammed Zakkir
Ramp Administrator
“First of all SAS is a reputed brand. One of the things that SAS has motivated me to work here, is because of the unending opportunities that it gives. The higher authorities have seen my strength and helped me develop. This is one company that hears out its employees in any kind of situation, be it good or bad. SAS has many departments but it works as one unit and a close knight family.”
Johnson Dorai
Customer Services Operations Manager
“I'm honoured to have been a part of SAS and cannot express the amount of knowledge, teamwork, and hands-on skills I accumulated through this position. The work environment is great, benefits are good, and most of all, it's very fulfilling and rewarding. SAS is providing me with top-notch training to keep my skills sharp, and been given importance to my development, training, career progression, and internal promotion opportunities, which keeps me bonded to this organization. Taking this job was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. SAS has helped me to be focused, diverged, enthusiastic, and innovative. y I don’t find any reason not to be a part of SAS is a Company, as it provides me with everything I exactly was looking for, as a professional.”
Naeem Shah
Airport Agent, Hala Services
“I enjoy working for SAS because this job gives and provides me more knowledge and I meet different people with different cultures”
Dorota Ebrahimi
Controller, HALA Services
“As I look back over the time that I have been here, I really enjoy working with SAS. The enthusiastic and positive work atmosphere, the people, their dedication, joy & professionalism, encouragement and support are our Company's great values that make this place wonderful to work.”
Jean Airish Azores-Caballero
Team Leader, HALA Services
"Working with SAS has given me the opportunity of discovering and exploring a lot of things professionally. This company has led and molded me to where I am right now. Being part of the team taught me to be more competent, stronger and patient in whatever cases it may arise. I am definitely enjoying my career as a good service provider to our client and the challenge of involving myself towards the company's success. "
Ivana Meyer
Head of SAS Operations
“Having spent the past 30 years in the aviation industry on several continents, I still look forward to daily challenges that we face at Sharjah International Airport as well as working with such a vast rainbow of nationalities and magnificent people. I like the buzz that exists within SAS and Sharjah Airport and I am proud to be part of the team during this very exciting time, especially in view of the current and future growth opportunities that exist for the airport and airline traffic in the region.”